About a Bo

See what I did there?

Bo is our family’s Mini American Shepherd and I’m not sorry to tell you that he’s the goodest boi there ever was.

You can usually find Bo sleeping by my feet in my art studio or chasing my kids around. He loves to herd our chickens and wiggle his butt. He is also the first dog that I have cared for as an adult, in B.B. (before Bo, of course) there was a turtle, fish, rat, some cats and birds.

I used to watch Christopher Guest’s “Best In Show” (2000) and laugh at the absurdity of the pet owners and their fanatic obsession with their dogs, but now, sigh, I think you know where I am going with this, don’t make me say it…

As I mentioned earlier, Bo is the bestest, see evidence below.

  • Unlimited doggie kisses
  • Butt & nubbin wiggles (I know I already said this but it’s crucial)
  • He reminds me to get outside and walk every day

Cheers to all the sweet pets out there helping us make it through.

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